The dollhouse is cotton candy pink and blue.There’s a little staircase that runs straight through the center, blue stairs with a white handrail. There’s an upstairs and a downstairs, four small rooms chunked into compartments. The mom doll has bright blond hair, the hard plastic bob down to her shoulders, not touching her bright pink sweater. The dad doll is more subdued, plain brown hair, neatly trimmed, neat white shirt and gray slacks. Both the dolls are hard and their clothes are painted on, not made of real fabric. Their smiles are bright and constant, almost as bright as the pink sweater. I brought them to the public pool once and dipped them underneath the water to see if anything would happen to them. They just got wet. They were still as hard and bright as they were before. I put them back in their bedroom, back in their kitchen, and let them be.

Fiction or Nonfiction?