"Correct," the gargoyle wheezes, and it springs aside to reveal a moving spiral staircase. You step onto it and head up to Dumbledore's office. You knock and enter.

He is surprised to see you, but you explain your situation to him in a rush of words. When you are finished, he nods, and tells you he thinks he knows a spell to transport you back to the library.

He mutters the incantation and a curious sensation washes over you, one that feels like cool water. The room blurs around you, and when the world rights itself you are back on the floor in the circular library room, sitting amongst the stacks of books.

Shaking violently, you tear out of the room as fast as you can, practically running out the door and down the steps. The night air is cold and sharp on your face, but you don't mind; you just want to put as much space between you and that place as possible.